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Who We Are?

FEM is an IT consultant with deep passionate in how Information Technology can expand its role beyond those traditionally associated responsibilities into a more strategic force for company to support generating revenue. We started our first project in 2011, we successfully delivered one accurate, powerful, and dynamic systems for Main Operational Department, Logistic Department, and HSSE Department companies in one of the Oil and Gas company in Indonesia. In the following years we continued to provide services to many other companies in various line of industry.

We also provide products that are ready to go for the customers needs.

Vision & Mission

FEM is committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction through high quality product as well as prompt and reliable services
Our Vision

To be a services company with strong fundamental & experiences gained in Information Technology business

Our Mission

We provide high value-added solutions that satisfy the evolving needs of valuable customers

  • Tank Management System

    All-in-one solution that brings a complete view of your stock level of oil inventory
    Tank Management System is built from scratch and is a flexible tailor-made design system to cater all operational activity of Tank Storage for a Oil/Liquids Industry. The system is capable to do tank calculation of any kind of liquids specification, create customized inventory reports (daily, monthly, annual basis), create Tank Ticket (Oil/Liquid movement), generate a Working Loss report, create a Work-Order, etc. Of paramount important, TMS can integrated with Sage or any other ERP Systems.
    Operations (Loading, Discharge, Inter Tank Transfer, Trucking, Leveling, etc)
    Logistic (Work Order, Scheduling, Wharf-age, Demurrage, Report, etc)
    Facility Performance measurement based on timesheet activity
    Interactive and Analyzing Dashboard
    Inventory (Stocking, Working Loss, Throughput IN&OUT, etc)
    Shipping approval documents.
    Connected to Delta-V Emmerson to get information level of the liquid automation
  • Property Management System

    All-in-one solution that brings a complete view of your process sales of the property unit
    Property management system is a complete management of the property unit sales system process from the availability unit, purchase process to the customer, payment settlement, document legality management to the handover of the unit to the customer. The system can elaborate with ERP system like Sage300c.
    Support multi payment
    Legality process documentations
    Workflow approval process
    Stock unit management (unit status update)
    Payment system management
    Customer notification management
  • Access Control System

    Designed to work together seamlessly, Access System’s products provide you with the technology you need to deliver sophisticated security solutions – from the simplest to the most challenging.
    Access control systems aim to control who has access to a building, facility, or a “for authorized persons only” area. This is typically carried out by assigning employees, executives, freelancers, and vendors to different types of groups or access levels. Everyone may be able to use their access cards to enter the main door but not to areas containing secure or privileged information. Here are the six phases of access control methodology:
    Authorization, is to define the company policy.
    Authentication, members present to a door reader whatever badge, token, or credential they were given upon being authorized
    Access, to ensure everyone gets in the right door, at the right time, faster and easier
    Manage, administrator several challenges, including adding new access points, onboarding and off-boarding users, maintaining security, and troubleshooting problems
    Reporting, generate report from all access
    Emergency Response Plan, generate report whom may in the building or facility
  • Sage300c

    In 2019 we are business partner with Sage300c
    Sage 300c helps medium and large businesses manage their business across geographies without the cost or complexity of traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. The preferred solution for tens of thousands of companies across the globe, Sage 300c connects the most important aspects of your growing business, including:
    Operations and Inventory
    Project and Vendor Management
    Human Resource Management and Payroll
    Sales, Marketing and Customer Service
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